Komondor: Courageous Protector

At first glance, the Hungarian Komondor gives the impression of a large cuddly toy. But don’t be fooled: he is an incorruptible protector of his territory. At the same time, you experience the Komondor as an affectionate, loyal family dog. With the right upbringing, the puppy becomes a wonderful and active companion in wind and weather.

As old as his homeland

The shepherd dog with the unusual coat has been part of the image of Hungary for more than a thousand years, like Puszta and Csárdás. A strong, fearless protector, he watches over his people’s herds and attacks any animals that trespass on his territory. The roots of the breed are believed to be in Asia. Presumably, the Afcharka of the southern Russian steppes and the Tibetan mastiff provided the genetic basis for the unmistakable Komondor. Even today he is mostly used as a herding dog.

Nature of the Komondor

The awe-inspiring Komondor is territorial. He constantly guards and defends his home. Brave, suspicious of all that is foreign, he is the perfect watchdog. There are hardly any deviations from this because the breeding goal has always been designed for (herd) protection. Within its limits, the Hungarian shows itself to be an agreeable family pet. Important for a balanced character is an intensive utilization of the running giant and the direct proximity to his people.

Upbringing and keeping of the Komondor

The dedicated herding dog requires consistent, but loving training. Even if he loves and protects his people, his actions towards strangers must not become aggressive. His breed-typical silent attack without warning must not breakthrough. A Komondor puppy should learn to be handled from an early age. This makes grooming at the dog groomer and the visit to the vet more relaxed. Regular attendance at a good puppy school is extremely helpful in getting the human-dog team on the right track.

The Komondor loves intensive walks, during which he can sometimes sprint. Don’t worry, he’ll stay in close proximity and circle around his “pack”. In the house, he always remains vigilant and is sometimes also active at night as part of his protective function. An attitude in a quiet environment with a house and garden is ideal. A city apartment with direct contact with neighbors is less suitable.

Care of the Komondor

The Komondor takes over the work and decisions about grooming at home for you. His extraordinary coat should never be brushed or combed. That is why hair care belongs in the experienced hands of a professional dog hairdresser. Like many original dog breeds, the Komondor has the dewclaw, also called the wolf’s claw. This must be included in claw care. Due to the dense fur, special attention is paid to daily eye care.

Peculiarities of the Komondor

The puppies are fluffy and only get their typical hair coat after a few weeks. Incidentally, this not only protects the Komondor against the icy cold but also against heat up to 30 °C. The floppy ears, which are barely visible under the dense curly fur, are never raised, even with increased attention.

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