The schnauzer comes from southern Germany, where it lived as a stable dog with horses. Find out everything about behavior, character, activity and exercise needs, training, and care of the Schnauzer dog breed in the profile.

The schnauzer comes from southern Germany, where it lived as a stable dog with horses. He guarded the big animals and kept the stable free of rats and mice, which he liked to hunt and eat. It was particularly widespread in the Württemberg area for a long time. When the Pinscher Schnauzer Club was founded in 1895, he was listed as a “rough-haired Pinscher”.

General Appearance

The Schnauzer is medium-sized, strong, stocky rather than slim, and has rough hair. He has fine, very short hair that is found primarily in black and pepper-salt. In case he reminds you of another breed, Schnauzers and Pinschers are basically the same breed type, differing only in their coat texture.

Behavior and temperament

He has a lively temperament, but can also be extremely calm and deliberate. His character is benign and alert at the same time. The Schnauzer is also very playful and is particularly attached to its people. Although he is sometimes idiosyncratic, also has a real personality. While he’s not the cadaver-obedient type, he’s very loyal. In addition, the schnauzer is kind to children, incorruptible to strangers, and not a barker.

Need for employment and physical activity

The Schnauzer always wants to do or experience something. This is a dog that you need to exercise, physically and mentally. Long runs are a must to keep the dog fit and healthy. But he will also be enthusiastic about ball games, track work, and dog sports.


Schnauzers are dogs for people who can assert themselves well. Anyone with a strong personality and charisma will have no problem with this dog. On the other hand, anyone who is hesitant or even shy towards their four-legged friend gives them the impression of not being in control of the situation. And then the Schnauzer takes the lead – even if he doesn’t really feel like it. In fact, he likes to leave the responsibility to people.


Like all rough-haired dogs, the Schnauzer needs to be trimmed regularly. Eyes and ears need to be checked from time to time. Dogs that mainly walk on the soft ground also need to have their claws trimmed.

Disease Susceptibility / Common Diseases

When it comes to schnauzers, you should also make sure that the puppies come from a breed that has been proven to be free of HD. Occasionally Mittelschnauzers can have a tendency to tumors in the oral cavity.

Did you know?

Originally, the Schnauzer was used as a stable dog, where it hunted rodents, which earned it the popular name “Rattler”. In Munich, where he accompanied carriages, he is still particularly popular today.

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