Aidi: Upbringing and Attitude

With its breed name, the Aidi keeps a very low profile when it comes to its origin, its use, or the living environment. Simply dog, the name Aidi means in the Berber language.

The Aidi – a Breed Description

The Atlas Mountain Dog or Chien de l’Atlas, as the Atlas Shepherd Dog is alternatively called, lives with them. The path of the dog to the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is described from Asia Minor.

The FCI states Morocco as the country of origin of the breed, which is recognized as independent in 1963 and has been resident here for centuries. The Aidi guards the property and herds of semi-nomads in North Africa.

Aidi Beings

He is very agile, courageous, and alert and proves his excellent ability as a defender. This is also recognized by the people who the animal joins. Gradually, a lasting connection is formed between the dissimilar creatures. The diverse coat colors of the Aidi are an indication of the selection strategy of the North Africans. The usefulness of the assistant is important to them, not its appearance.

Whether brindle or fawn, in countless shades of brown and in black or white, performance counts. Focusing on this focus leaves room for the richness of manifestations.


Grooming is a foreign word for the owner of a genuine mountain dog. There is hardly any need to allocate time and effort for this. The dense, bushy fur consists of half-length hair with a protective undercoat. Dirt and moisture simply roll off, an effect that has been preserved to this day. The bear-like face with rather small tipped ears is short-haired. The same applies to the runs. In contrast to this are the flowing mane of the males as well as the buttocks and the tail with the long hair.

The mountains and plateaus of its original range are characterized by high temperatures during the day and penetrating cold at night. The Aidi has the best prerequisites. His coat is perfectly designed for the adversities of nature. It protects against the scorching sun and warms when the heat source has gone down.

Nature & Temperament

The teeth of his adversaries get caught in this protective cover of the livestock guardian dog-like in a suit of armor. In the wild, the population of medium-sized dogs is declining. The dogs disrupt tourism and the living conditions of the population have changed.

The uncompromising protector is needed less. His good dog nose is also increasingly dispensable. In the past, the Aidi used it to track down game, while greyhounds then hunted the prey. The preference for browsing has remained, but the penchant for hunting rarely causes headaches for the dog owner.


However, Aidi is not a dog for everyone. The dog lover must be aware of having an original companion at his side. Completely adaptable, the animal wants to experience clear leadership. Coupled with empathy and clear consistency, the young dog can grow into a pleasant companion dog.

The companionship of people is essential for a fulfilling everyday dog life. Strangers are expressly excluded from this, after all, the task of the protector is still very important to the mountain dog. It is difficult to predict how an Aidi will develop relationships with children, peers, and family pets. The owners of the pedigree dogs report devoted love to aversion towards them.

The socialization that begins in puppyhood sets the course here. The contact and the good experiences in and with all possible situations give security – the Aidi and his environment. The regular stay of the muscle man in the great outdoors is essential. Keeping it as a house dog does not do it justice. A good portion of energy resides in the four-legged friend. He wants to be busy and moved.

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